About Me


I grew up in various locations on the east coast and now call central California home. I’m recently retired, having spent 35 years as a technical writer, converting engineer-speak into words and sentences. I liken it to translating ancient Greek, when you’re not too familiar with the Greek part!
Since retiring in 2016, my husband and I have been travelling the world. So far, we’ve visited France, Spain, England, Sri Lanka, New Zealand, Belgium, the Netherlands, and India, spending anywhere from three weeks to three months in each country. We are not anywhere close to done and have an upcoming trip planned to Vietnam. After that, it’s wide open.
The first book in the Shelby McDougall trilogy, Due Date, was first published in 2012, with the second edition released by Paper Angel Press in March, 2019. The Stork, the second book in the series, was released on September 1, 2019. I’m working on the third and final chapter of Shelby’s story, tentatively titled The Found Child. Expect it in 2020.

You can contact me via email at: nancywoodbooks[at]gmail[dot]com

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